Your Patients Rely on You For Effective, Efficient Wound Care Treatment

Rely on WoundMatrix for Accurate Wound Assessment, Tracking, and Documentation.

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More efficient wound care assessment for more effective treatment and improved patient outcomes.

Wound care accounts for over half of community nursing activity.

Accuracy of wound assessment, imaging, tracking, and documentation is critical to ensure effective treatment and healing.

WoundMatrix Wound Care Documentation Software

WoundMatrix Clinician App

Software to help monitor the stages of wound healing

Efficiently track patients wound healing rates with accurate wound assessment software to provide the most effective treatment and best
patient care possible.


WoundMatrix Patient Telehealth App

Wound Care documentation software for patients

Get immediate insight into a patient's wound healing process by registering them for the WoundMatrix Patient App, which enables patients to upload their wound images directly to their record for assessment and outcome tracking.


Kent Community Health Sees Improved Healing Rates and Patient Outcomes with WoundMatrix

"We believe in optimum care, not minimum care. With WoundMatrix, we can accomplish that by improving the efficiency of our wound care processes, as well as the effectiveness of our wound treatment, so that clinicians can deliver care in a more personal and compassionate way."

– Eldon Macarthur, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust


NHS Digital Information Security Standards

WoundMatrix is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and meets the NHS Digital Information Security Standards. It can be hosted in an NHS Cloud Environment and can be integrated with other electronic health record systems. It also meets the NHS Digital clinical safety standards DCB0129.

WoundMatrix is also supported by Clinical Studies* that have been carried out to demonstrate reproducibility of results by different clinicians using the system.

* Quan et al, John Hopkins Wound Centre and Department of Dermatology, Digital Imaging of Wounds: Are Measurements Reproducible Among Observers, 2007.

Interoperability & Integrations

WoundMatrix offers comprehensive structured data integration and can be customized to allow standard EMRs to consume all data collected in the observation and analysis phases. Also, WoundMatrix can be customized to support standard HL7, FHIR data structures and single-sign-on.

With an easy test-and-scale approach, WoundMatrix provides an end-to-end system with both clinician and patient mobile apps, a web-based portal, as well as after-visit summary reports as raw data or user-friendly PDF files.