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Our History

WoundMatrix® was founded in 2000 to bring to market a state-of-the-art comprehensive wound management software solution.

Today WoundMatrix® is a national and international provider, developer and licensor of its cloud-based wound assessment, tracking and documentation software.

WoundMatrix is utilized by commercial and institutional users in the fields of clinical research, telemedicine, home care and has been implemented in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings.

Our Objective

Since our founding, WoundMatrix has focused on creating an industry-leading healthcare software company by providing unmatched value for our clients. Among the pivotal moments in our history was the creation of WoundMatrix Web, the first mobile and web-based, easy-to-use wound documentation technology solution. Now, as we look out across the healthcare horizon, WoundMatrix continues to push boundaries by ushering in a new generation of intelligent medical devices and applications taking advantage of mobile platforms. We continue to broaden our client community around the globe, leveraging clinical and pharmaceutical data for new discoveries, and collaborating with partners and customers alike to advance the field of wound therapy and evidence-based medicine.

Our Team

Sean M. Geary
Founder, President & CEO

In 2001 Sean founded WoundMatrix, Inc., a software development company that designs and develops digital measurement and documentation applications and solutions for the wound and skin care market. Sean has led WoundMatrix sales and marketing efforts in the payer, private, governmental, educational and clinical research sectors. Sean is responsible for the oversight of the Company's products and service offerings, partnerships, contracts and overall business strategy and execution.

Sean M. Geary graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from the University of Notre Dame.

Sam Al-Moosawi
Vice President of Development

Sam AL-Moosawi is an expert software engineer with extensive experience in designing and developing complete beginning-to-end software solutions. Sam joined CitiGroup in 2000 as Vice President, e-Business Implementation. Mr. AL-Moosawi's responsibilities included designing a new global account opening system, a global document archive system and a beginning-to-end operation system. In 2003 Sam joined WoundMatrix, Inc. and developed a Customer Relationship Management application, an electronic document archive system and WoundMatrix Software, including the current WoundMatrix Web Version for wound measurement and outcomes documentation applications.

Sam graduated in 1996 with a BA in Statistics & Computer Science from Rafidayen UV, and in 1997 joined Sanabel Limited, an IT Consulting Company, as a consultant. In 1999, Sam worked as a senior software developer for Professional Access, another IT Consulting Company for multi-industry clients.

Paul A. Geary III
Vice President, Co-Founder

Paul A. Geary III, Senior Vice-President and co-founder of WoundMatrix, heads the WoundMatrix Sales team.

Paul is responsible for developing new relationships and partnerships, bringing together compatible platforms and organizations to make WoundMatrix available to clients in the patient, government, home care and clinical research sectors. Paul collaborates and interfaces with WoundMatrix clients to ensure the software meets their needs and specifications.

Paul graduated from The University of Notre Dame in 1988 with a BA in American Studies. Paul continued his studies at The University of Southern California, obtaining a Master's Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1991.

Richard J. Pinola

Mr. Pinola was past President of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. He was Chairman and CEO of Right Management Consultants, a global Human resource consulting firm.

Mr. Pinola currently sits on the Boards of WP Carey and Corporate Associates 18.